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The constant evolution of technology means the pace of change is more relentless than ever. Keep one eye focused on the future, with regular content exploring fresh business ideas and the latest technology trends across Australia.

Paul Greenberg, founder of online retailer network NORA, speaking at an event.
Paul Greenberg on e-commerce: Customers want a personalised experience

Paul Greenberg, founder of online retailer network NORA, is something of a pioneer in Australian e-commerce. After 35 years in the wider industry, he says success still comes b...

New report reveals small businesses lagging behind customers in tech
New report reveals small businesses lagging behind customers in tech

According to the 2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report, customers increasingly use technology to find products and research businesses. Yet many small businesses are ...

Ian Aitken, founder of tech startup SofiHub, talking at an event.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the heart of Ian Aitken's tech startup, SofiHub. He believes businesses should stop trying to understand it and instead focus on how they can benefit from it. Small businesses are sceptical about the hype surrounding future tech, including AI. The 2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence report revealed only 18 pe...

Paul Greenberg, founder of online retailer network NORA, speaking at an event.
Paul Greenberg on e-commerce: Customers want a personalised experience

Paul Greenberg, founder of online retailer network NORA, is something of a pioneer in Australian e-commerce. After 35 years in the wider industry, he says success still comes b...

New report reveals small businesses lagging behind customers in tech
New report reveals small businesses lagging behind customers in tech

According to the 2018 Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report, customers increasingly use technology to find products and research businesses. Yet many small businesses are ...

Two network engineers inspecting data cables.
A day in the life of a network engineer in 2020

It’s 2020 and network engineers are no longer just IT nerds. Sure, they need technology skills, but their problem-solving ability and sense of empathy are just as important to ...

Image shows a woman working from home on a desktop computer.
In the Loop: Is small business overlooking the opportunities presented by increased mobility?

Welcome to In the Loop, our monthly snapshot of Telstra’s research into the state of small business in Australia. Small businesses may be underestimating how much mobile tech...

Image is of a man in a workshop doing business on a laptop computer.
The rise of the microbusiness

The microbusiness boom is a 21st-century phenomenon. These days, thanks to the power and accessibility of technology, almost anyone can start up a business – and a huge number ...

Image shows man slumped over desk looking at paperwork and a laptop computer
In the Loop: Small businesses struggling with IT

The increasing complexity of IT systems has been outed as the biggest challenge for Australian small businesses in 2017. Welcome to In the Loop, our monthly snapshot of Telstra...

Half Pint Vegan Dairy's Jules Donovan and Sam Colligan
On the money: Business funding without a bank

What do a vegan dairy and real estate styling business have in common? They used new tech platforms to help fund their growth, without a bank manager in sight. For Jules Dono...

illustration of digger against buildings in the background
A day in the life of a construction manager in 2020

It’s 2020 and the demands of clients and ever-growing use of smart technologies have changed the way construction managers operate, for the better. Off to work … Fresh from...

Man taking phone call on headset
Hot-desking: How successful businesses make it about people not desk space

Hot-desking is still a thing, but the secret to making it work is to look beyond mere desks and realise it's not about moving, swapping or removing furniture, it's about workin...

Man taking business meeting with two colleagues
How big data analytics can help your business

In today’s growingly digital-centric society, it would be hard to find anyone who would argue against the idea that the internet ‑ and the devices it connects ‑ have become cen...

Woman waiting at bus stop whilst working on tablet
Omnichannel vs multichannel: Providing a seamless experience

Customers increasingly expect an omnichannel experience. But what does that actually mean and how might it differ from a multichannel retail strategy? “You say multichannel, I ...

man with cardboard VR headset
Why play is the secret to keeping up with business tech

“Since the ancient Greeks, every generation has said that the pace of change has never been so fast. They’ve always been right but I think this time it is especially true.” Tec...

Man working on computer from the forest
Into the Abyss

Michela Ledwidge and Stuart Ridley take a deep dive with Nasir Ahsan and Masood Naqshbandi of Abyss Solutions into the world of underwater autonomous drones revolutionising map...

woman working on laptop amongst clothes racks
Is your business nbn™ ready? Take the quiz

Gradually, all Australian businesses can be connected to the nbn™ network – from remote locations and regional centres to urban sprawls – offering unprecedented possibilities f...

machinery behind glass window
Beyond 2020: How technology is defining your business' future

Welcome to the world beyond 2020: Where smart houses know exactly what temperature will keep us comfortable and the fridge can automatically remind you or your retailer to repl...

Businesspeople at Telstra Vantage 2015
IoT: Making a big bang in healthcare and retail

Connected devices are fundamentally changing the way healthcare and retail operations are using technology. And it’s not going to slow down. The Internet of Things (IoT) is as ...

A woman working at a laptop in a library
In the Loop: Less than half of Australian businesses have a website

Welcome to In the Loop, our monthly snapshot of Telstra’s research into the state of small business in Australia. Ever been frustrated at not being able to find a business onli...

woman on phone with clipboard in flower shop
NBN future: How will your industry change in 10 years?

The big principle of the nbn™ is to give everyone in our nation fast, reliable internet access. It’s a simple idea with a lot of future-proofing potential for your business and...

Girl looking through virtual reality headset
Not just entertainment: How virtual reality can work for your business

Thanks to VR, visitors can spend minutes rather than seconds on sites, and the more time they spend, the longer you have to convert interest to a sale. Joseph Wall of Wow 360 V...

A collection of letters laid out like a word search.
Decode business tech jargon

Your go-to resource to decode tricky tech jargon. With so many acronyms and jargon words in the business world, it can be confusing and overwhelming. So to decode the terminolo...

A man in a factory working with a small crane
Future ways of working: Retail, construction and manufacturing

From 3D printing to robot bricklayers, we take a look at what the future could look like in the manufacturing, retail and construction industries. Sixty-five per cent of childr...

A man and woman sitting on a couch with VR headsets on.
Virtual Reality: Revolutionary or redundant?

With rapidly changing technology and big bets being placed by companies like Google, Facebook and eBay, Virtual Reality (VR) is about to have its moment. So who is using it wel...

An opening panel of experts for CES 2016
The latest technology from CES 2016

We round up the best up-and-coming technologies from The Consumer Electronics Show, and look at how these revolutionary ideas can be applied directly to your business. The Cons...

A woman standing in a library looking at a book.
To attract and retain, making 2016 your year of learning and development

Technology is the key to staff training that can help make this year the education year. So stop looking for the best talent and start growing it, says Jeff Haden. Your employe...

A taxi driving through the rain in New York
Buyer, seller, and controller: The on-demand economy

The on-demand economy is turning the world into the consumer’s oyster. So how can your business benefit? Things work differently in New York. In New York, you walk faster, and ...

accountant looking at an invoice whilst operating a calculator
Are the days of accountants numbered?

Automation and technology is disrupting businesses across Australia, with finance predicted to be among the most affected. So should accountants be worried? As an accountant, I...

Sealing the deal with Docusign
Sealing the deal with Docusign

Signing on the dotted line doesn’t need to slow down your workflow with a suite of new apps. Whether you are looking to put on new staff, or add a new supplier to your lists, c...

Staying on top with GeoOp
Staying on top with GeoOp

Running a jobs-driven business with a mobile workforce can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Field service, mobile sales and consulting are areas that rely heavily on mobilit...

A close up image of an architect drawing on a construction map
Why construction needs to think beyond the bottom line

Builders and project managers operate in one of the most competitive industries in Australia. And this competition means a bottom-line approach to management is no longer enoug...

A printer printing photos of a young man's face
Making paper(less)

The idea of a paperless office has been on the cards for the world since 1975. It’s 2015. What’s happened? Back in the 70s, innovative thinkers imagined a future where paper wa...

A young male doctor in scrubs smiles at the camera in an office
Trend watch: What's happening in healthcare?

The healthcare sector is seeing significant challenges. But with great challenges comes great opportunity to evolve.

a close up shot of a person using a purple swipe card to enter a hotel room
Hotels serve up business lessons with tech

The hotel and hospitality sector goes back thousands of years, but in recent times it’s led the way when it comes to using tech to improve operations. After you’ve checked in t...

A man and woman talk with one another behind a window
The changing face of finance

For finance, accounting and other professional services, technology has fundamentally shifted operations. What used to be primarily functional is now about much, much more. Whe...

Two men having a discussion behind a window
Getting secure in finance

When it comes to the finance industry, protecting data isn’t optional – but many businesses aren’t prepared for the risk.

A pair of women looking at a smartphone while shopping
Sensis e-Business Report: Online sales mean connectivity is key

A recent report from Sensis looking at the state of online business in Australia has shown connectivity is more important than ever.

Group of young people shopping
Anatomy of a yuccie

The hipster trend is on the decline, but now we have another on our hands. It’s time to meet your new customers. First we had yuppies. Then post-GFC it was all about muppies (m...

Workers using connected tablet
Virtual Guardian: Technology meets HR

HR can be one of the most complicated areas for small business including strict regulations and legal obligations. But tech is helping simplify the process. There are plenty of...

The side of a tall glass office building as seen from ground level
Fiscal forecast: Finance and insurance

Regulatory requirements put onto the big four and Macquarie Group mean big changes for the financial sector. The big issue affecting the finance industry over the next three mo...

A dressmaker stands in her shop backed by a wall of fabrics
The small business economy

Leon Gettler says tech, the dollar and changes to GST are the big things for Aussie business to watch out for in the coming months. The biggest trend to watch out for in small ...

A man takes a selfie of himself and his friends
Data, research and the new social landscape

Facebook IQ could change how Aussie businesses market themselves online. What happens when you take the world’s largest social network and a world-class group of researchers, d...

Overlooking a manufacturing site
Fiscal outlook: Manufacturing

Manufacturing has had a challenging few years, but great challenges have led to a leaner and more efficient industry. Activity across the Australian manufacturing sector fell s...

A couple walks through a store holding shopping bags
Economic forecast: Retail

Figures show that retailers could be in for a rocky ride for the next six months. But being adaptive and online can help manage a difficult period. In the months ahead, retaile...

Person using EFTPOS terminal with their smartphone
Trend watch: Frictionless mobile payments

Mobile payments open a world of new opportunities for small businesses in Australia looking to accept credit card and smartphone payments. The mobile payment revolution doesn't...

Group of people dancing in pairs
Google Trends: What can it do for your business?

Rather than just track your own performance, you can chart Google searches for your business alongside searches for your competitors – offering a snapshot of how you're faring ...

Trucks driving along freeway
The future of M2M in the industrial sector

The Land Of Sweeping Change report released by Telstra on trends in the Machine to Machine (M2M) sector shows varied uptake and interest, but the sector shows great promise. Th...

Sparks fly from a grinder
Fiscal forecast: Construction

The construction industry has been going through healthy growth but there are doubts from some analysts whether it can be sustained. We look at what the future holds for constr...

Man standing on steel grate
Small business outlook: The quarter ahead

The Aussie economy can have a huge difference to how small businesses run. Leon Gettler looks at what it holds for the first quarter of the new financial year. The most recent ...

Amazon dash button on a washing machine
Amazon Dash and the future of retail

Technology is rapidly changing the way that Retailers, both online and offline, operate. We look at the Amazon Dash, and how it’s reflective of changing customer demands. Want ...

Powerwall image
Tesla's Powerwall helps businesses in their darkest hour

The ability to help keep your business up and running during a blackout could save the day, ensuring your customers don't take their business elsewhere. Elon Musk is the vision...

glasses on macbook air on table
Get ahead with Smarter's Small Business Reports

In a series of six research reports, Telstra Smarter Business™ explores the trends affecting Retail, professional services, construction, healthcare, finance and manufacturing.

Samsung Gear VR
Your business' virtual reality

A quick visit to new surroundings might help you seal the deal with customers. We look at what’s coming onto the market and how you can make virtual reality a business reality ...

Man using calculator on workshop counter
Can Bitcoin benefit your business?

Much has been made of Bitcoin – an anonymous, unregulated currency. But is it worth the time and investment? Maybe all you know about a Bitcoin is that it represents yet anothe...

Mr Burger food van
Hungry for a sale: What SMBs can learn from food vans

Pop-up restaurants aren’t just creating heat in these portable kitchens, but in the business world, too. Food vans are all the rage. Restaurant owners looking for new ways to b...

illustration of brain with technology devices around it
What are computers doing to our brains?

As we offload more of the storage of information to technology, might we humans be losing the art of remembering? Find out about the repercussions of ‘outsourced memory’ and le...

Woman using smartphone in shop
5 Ways Beacon marketing can change retail

Beacon technology promises to turn the shopping experience on its head – or at least that’s what Retailers hope.

Books from above
Read Fiction to Learn How Customers Think

If you want to understand your customers, pick up a good book and get lost in its characters. Discover what prolific writer and psychologist Hugh Mackay thinks about the insigh...

Touchless payments
Business innovations to take off in 2015

From 3D printing to reality computing, here are four tech trends set to take off in 2015. Find out how they could help improve business efficiency.

Superman accountant
Diving aussie dollar to cause pain for SMEs

Recent falls in the value of the Australian dollar are placing upward pressure on costs for local businesses.

BlackBerry Classic
Is the Blackberry back?

Remember when BlackBerry was the king of the smartphones? Times have changed since then but the Canadian manufacturer is hoping to gain some of its former business-friendly moj...

Iron Man screen shot
Inspired By Films: Future tech we want to see

Films and books dream big – what was once just imaginings on the page or screen can become everyday technology. Being open to ideas could be the next start-up goldmine. Here we...

Man and woman shopping with tablet
Bluetooth Beacons: Retail hope or hype?

Beacons, small bluetooth gadgets that can communicate with smartphones, are one of the hottest technologies on trial in the Retail industry.

Smartphone with digital assistant on screen
Artificial intelligence not dumb science

Since computers were invented, we've given them information and told them what to do. What if they could decide what to do with the data themselves and become smarter in the ba...

LG G Watch R and Moto 360
Smartwatches worth your time

On average, a mobile phone user checks their handset a staggering 150 times a day. With a smartwatch, you can stay on top of your day by simply glancing at your wrist while you...

red shoe with computer mouse
The Net: Now Your Smartphone, Soon Your Shoes

In the next few years, everything from trains to shoes will connect to the internet. Things will have built-in sensors that will transfer data over the network, and the informa...

Mobile retail infographic
2015: Mobile retail trends coming to you

2014 was a pivotal year for many mobile technologies – 2015 will extend the gains.

Top products from CES
The best business gadgets of 2015

Straight from CES 2015, the biggest consumer electronics conference in the world, Krishan Sharma rounds up the business gadgets that help you cut down on business administratio...

Man looking over futuristic city
5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2015

This year will be all about data and what it can do. Read on to discover how these tech trends will change the way you run your business.

Technology pieces on green background
Technology trends that will help give your business the edge in 2015

There’s been more than a few “light bulb moments” in the innovation of new technology avenues for small businesses. Here are six trends primed to deliver success in 2015.

O come all ye shoppers: Retailers counting on a solid christmas

By the standards of recent Christmas seasons, 2014 is shaping to be solid, if a little unspectacular, for the nation’s Retailers.

illustration of mobile phone with shopping cart displayed
What will the mobile customer look like in 2015?

Our smartphones are always with us so it’s no surprise it’s estimated that in four years m-commerce will account for the same global sales as e commerce did in 2013. The portra...

Blue hand being 3D printed
Customisation goes 3-dimensional

Manufacturers and Retailers have come a long way since Henry Ford famously stated 100 years ago, “You can have any colour you want, as long as it’s black!” Customisation is a m...

cartoon image of people using technology
How is technology transforming daily life

Smart mobile devices are reinventing the average Australian’s workday with almost 50 per cent saying they are doing work after they get home. What's surprising is the percentag...

italian pizza man vending machine cartoon
Rise of the vending machines

Vending machines may be shaped like a box, but the thinking behind them is outside the square.

toy trucks and stores
Everyone wants to be a retailer now

Where would you go to buy a Swiss Army Knife? To a Swiss Army Knife store, of course. Michael Baker explains why manufacturers are increasingly opening up their own stores to s...

h&m retail staff
Global fashion retailers in the 'burbs

What does it mean for local stores when shopping centres build spaces for international brands to establish a presence in Australia? How do these mega-malls fit into the overal...

cartoon of F1 driver in shopping cart
RFID: The new retail hero or all hype?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has a million applications, but is Retail one of them?

graphic of graph and watch
Management to do list Q2 2014-15: What you need to know now

Keep on top of legal, marketing and technology matters this quarter with Australia’s leading experts.

australia post boxes
Box Ready: Making the most of mail order

Australia Post gives spice vendor Gourmet Morsels a variety of delivery options for orders of all sizes.

man holding a donut
Cashing in on our cravings: 6 start ups reveal their recipes for success

We’re a nation of dessert lovers: in fact it could be said we have somewhat of an obsession with confection. We’re mad for macarons, crazy about cupcakes and all scream for ice...

cartoon hands holding mobiles
Should your business have an app?

Australian consumers are showing signs of being sceptical about the value of paid smartphone and tablet apps, a new survey has found.

Qscan clinician giving scan
How 4G boosts diagnostic images for Qscan

Fast connections are essential for Qscan Radiology Clinics. The business's 16 centres in Brisbane are linked by fibre-optic lines, and out in the field its consulting doct...

Nearly half of Australian mid-size businesses face extinction

Close to half of Australian medium-size enterprises could start failing in three years, according to a new survey of chief financial officers. Close to half of Australian mediu...

woman with long nose
Should you believe what your consumers say?

Effective market research is vital to running a successful business, but how exactly do you ensure that the information you're getting is valid? Consumer research professionals...

tech gadgets to use in the car
7 gadgets that will make you productive (in the car)

Always on the road? Safely boost in-car productivity with 7 top gadgets. If you spend a lot of time in the car, you can boost your daily productivity significantly with the fol...

the apple watch
The highly speculated Apple Watch is here, almost

The ultimate accessory for your iPhone has arrived. Earlier this morning, Wednesday, September 10, Apple announced their entry into the wearable market with the long-rumoured A...

Farmers expect business performance to improve despite worrisome agricultural economy

Australian farmers are less confident about the national agricultural economy but more confident about their own business performance, according to a recent report. The latest ...

the collection bar retail store
Retail comes full circle

It’s back to store for etailers as online shopping collection points get physical. On August 12, Craig Woolford, consumer sector retail research analyst at Citi drew attention ...

coins in a pile
What will become of Bitcoin?

Australian Retailers may risk swallowing a double dose of GST liability if they choose to trade in crypto-currencies, law firm DLA Piper Australia warns. The Australian Taxatio...

jeans on a rack
Is retail the worst industry to work in?

According to a ranking published by 24/7 Wall Street, a US financial news / commentary site, they are absolutely at the bottom of the corporate heap as far as their current and...

Post budget gloom for micro businesses

Despite the increasing optimism of small, medium, and large Australian businesses since the May 2014 Budget, Australia's micro businesses are feeling the pressure according to ...

illustration of farmer and farm animals
How to make your videos go viral

It is possible to create your own viral story, here are the core ingredients necessary to do so. When a story or a picture goes viral, it can be a wonderful marketing tool if y...

carpenter tradie building
Building a future: The changing face of construction

These six free apps use your little data to streamline your day. Construction companies are integral to the Australian economy, with their total contribution to the production ...

shopping trolleys
Can Aussie retail win back fickle digital customers?

Avoid end of financial year (EOFY) stress and ensure your business is well prepared. When three leading minds in Australian Retail recently met to share their views on the...

3d printer illustration
In the market for a 3D printer? Here's what you need to know

Before you invest in a 3D printer, there are some key things to be aware of which could ultimately save you time, money and frustration. Here’s what you need to know. 3D printi...

shirts on a rack
The outlook on retailers In Australia

Independent Retailers have been doing it tough in recent years and the accelerating globalisation of Australian fashion Retail isn't doing them many favours. As recently as fiv...

woman at checkout of grocery store
The high-tech route to faster checkouts

When people think about technology and the shopping experience it’s common to focus on the ‘wow’ factor of technology as entertainment. There is a more prosaic and arguably muc...

Business shirt with tie, glasses, pen and passport
What Aussie business travellers miss most

A recent survey discovered that Aussie business travellers get more homesick than global counterparts. Aussies miss the comforts of home more than business travellers from the ...

3 people exchanging food donations over a box labelled "food donations"
Give not take: A look at social entrepreneurship

Social responsibility: Why doing your bit for the community can do wonders for your small business. Earlier this month Gail Kelly, CEO of Westpac, announced that the group had ...

Corner of a TV remote control
Playing to win: Are TV commercials and viral videos effective?

Like David and Goliath, one small business dared to take on the big names in the Super Bowl ad war and went viral. Find out how TV and social media campaigns can benefit your b...

5 Tech Releases To Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder
5 Tech Releases To Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

From the most useful tools and gadgets to have when you’re working on the go to futuristic boardroom projectors, here are the technological wonders that could help you work sma...

Top 5 time saving tips to beat the clock

Research shows all Aussie small business owners want for Christmas is a better work/life balance. A survey conducted by Telstra Business has found Australian small business own...

cartoon robber
Is the business of crime in decline?

Is the business of crime in decline? Thieves are taking half what they were a decade ago. Most of us choose to live on the right side of the law, but crime, in some ways, can b...

Braaap's Owner, Brad Smith, with Motorcycle
In first place: Braaap's top 5 social media tips

How motorcycle business braaap gets the most out of social media. Brad Smith was 18 when he designed the motorcycle of his dreams. Then he got on a plane to China in hope o...

Hand icon clicking on basket in front of keyboard
Can your customers get through the checkout?

Why Aussies are browsing on mobile devices but not checking out the cart. While the country has the one of the highest rates of mobile device ownership in the world, with 65% f...

Jackie Maclean from plumbing services with co-worker in door entrance
Gold medal's socially responsible practices

Apprenticeships are built into the foundations of Gold Medal Services, a plumbing service based in Darwin. Business manager Jackie Maclean says they have employed at least one ...

grid with different shaped counters on it
How your business can be an Instagram Video star

Instagram has ventured beyond still images and expanded to video-sharing, but what does this mean for businesses and how can you use it? Grab a cuppa and take in some of the be...

stop clock against running track
5 future business trends set to go the distance

JWT have peered into the future again. Here are the business ideas that are taking off. Each year renowned marketing communications brand JWT compiles a list of 100 of the bigg...

Dealing in real time: How technology is creating a power shift between consumers and retailers

Not so long ago, uttering the word 'showrooming' was enough to evoke a shudder of fear and loathing in a room full of Retailers. The word raised the image of iphone-toting merc...

Fad or forever: Geo-fencing to target customers

Retail analyst Michael Baker asks if mobile marketing can pull customers into bricks-and-mortar stores. The new technologies of ‘geo-fencing’ are an enticing prospect for retai...