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Mythbusting the NBN

Mike Doman
Technology Journalist

Mike Doman is a technology, lifestyle, industrial and education writer

Mike Doman
Technology Journalist

Mike Doman is a technology, lifestyle, industrial and education writer

For businesses across the country, the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is approaching. We separate fact from fiction when it comes to what it means for your business.

The rollout of the NBN is well underway, with more than 500,000 premises activated and businesses across the country already reaping the benefits – like access to new markets and internal efficiencies.

But for many, the NBN is still an unknown quantity, so we’ve looked at five common misconceptions when it comes to the next generation of internet infrastructure for Australia.

A close up of multicoloured frayed wires.

Myth one: It’s just a speed thing

The NBN will deliver faster speeds, but that’s only one part of it. The real benefit for businesses is how existing technology interacts with all of the technologies that work with the NBN service, like the cloud, video conferencing or business apps. The extra bandwidth means these solutions can run more efficiently and reliably, without being choked by the capacity of the older network.

Myth two: NBN just affects my internet

The existing copper network that runs into your business is being retired, which means you’ll need to switch over to an NBN plan – not just for your internet but anything that uses the copper network, including alarm systems, landlines and EFTPOS. And the increased bandwidth means there’s more room for these services to operate, which can increase their reliability. 

Myth three: It costs more

That’s not necessarily true. Depending on your provider and your individual requirements, the cost for NBN may be comparable to your current plan, but it’s a great opportunity to review the plans you’ve got and work out whether they’re performing the way you need them to, or will meet your business needs into the future. Performing an audit of what technology solutions you’ve got can help identify efficiencies too – you might find that you don’t use a second phone line any more.  

Myth four: Telstra is rolling out the NBN

There was a bit of confusion around who was responsible for the rollout of the NBN, particularly in the early days. NBN Co is responsible for the rollout of the NBN and is an entirely separate, independent government organisation providing wholesale services to retail providers like Telstra. 

Myth five: It’s a hassle to get the NBN set up

NBN Co. uses a number of different technologies to connect you to the NBN including fibre, fixed wireless and satellite. It’s best to get in touch with your provider early and understand your options, and they should make every effort to ensure you experience minimal downtime while you upgrade to the NBN.

If you’re connecting to the NBN through fibre to the premise, fixed wireless or satellite technology, you (or your provider) will need to arrange a NBN Co appointment and get a NBN compatible router.

If you’re connecting to the NBN through a fibre to the basement or fibre to the node technology, you won’t need to arrange a NBN Co appointment. All you need is a NBN compatible router from your provider to plug your phone and internet into.

Ready to switch to the NBN?

 Check out NBN For Small Business with Telstra.

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