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Build your online store with Neto in just 7 hours

Betsan Jones
Technology Journalist

Betsan Jones is a freelance lifestyle and tech journalist with experience across a number of international publications

Betsan Jones
Technology Journalist

Betsan Jones is a freelance lifestyle and tech journalist with experience across a number of international publications

Neto’s first full, day-long eCommerce Bootcamp showed that selling online isn’t just for the digital savvy – it’s for many businesses.

‘eCommerce is big’, and ‘eCommerce is easy’. Those were the two messages communicated by Ryan Murtagh, CEO and founder of eCommerce solutions company Neto, at their day-long Bootcamp last month.

A one-day workshop, helping aid customers overcome hurdles to selling online, Neto’s Bootcamp was held in the company’s home city of Brisbane. One of the first questions posed to the group was one of the easiest to answer: Is eCommerce relevant for small businesses?

A wide shot of a full room at the neto ecommerce bootcamp

Selling fast

The statistics say yes. Eight million Australian shoppers visit eBay every month, and over the past 12 months eCommerce has grown by 22 per cent in Australia. In fact, Australia is ranked number 10 for best eCommerce market in the world. And it’s a growing international market, says Murtagh.

“For Australian businesses, eCommerce can mean a massive opportunity,” he explains.

“It’s a really exciting time for anyone in retail to take that step from being traditional offline retailers to becoming ... online, omni-channel retailers.”

Murtagh’s fervour on the topic was not lost on a room full of visibly-inspired business people – from owners of beauty franchises to air conditioning specialists (some of which had arrived without any kind of website or online presence).

Pitched as a day for customers to arrive as eCommerce novices and end the day online retailers complete with their own store, Neto’s Bootcamp provided a brand new chapter for its attendees. But what makes this company’s approach different to that of past eCommerce endeavours?

“One thing that’s very different to, say, a decade ago,” says Murtagh, “Is that [then], to go online meant building a bespoke website and finding the right people to do that.

“Now, there are SaaS providers like us that literally deliver online stores in a [product]. That step online is now very quick and easy. And today’s bootcamp is an example of that.”

Capacity to grow

Among the attendees at the workshop was Helen Reynolds, co-founder of Greenleaf Bag, a business that creates natural fibre fabric bags for keeping greens and vegetables in the fridge with the aim of minimising the use of plastic for storing fresh produce.

GreenLeaf Bag established a blog-style website a year ago where it now sells some of its produce.

However, Reynolds explains that their chosen method has proved to have limitations, lacking scope for growing capacity as well as the flexibility to accommodate the look and feel of their brand.

“Our intention has always been to be more online than offline,” she says, adding, “Our goal is to have an online presence that is more professional – less like a blog and more like an online store.”

For them, choosing to adopt Neto as their eCommerce solution means the ability to create a clearer-to-navigate website, as well as using more payment and shipping options.

It also, crucially, means more capacity to grow.

“Neto has capacity above and beyond anything we first imagined when we signed up,” she says. 

Streamlined approach

As a company, Neto’s unique selling point is its integration within a vast network of service partners. From marketing partners to shipping providers, online stores and inventory aids, Neto has built a strong network of partners that allows it to offer one of the most comprehensive and streamlined approaches to selling online.

“That’s where we differentiate ourselves from our competitors,” says Murtagh.

“We deliver this as an all-in-one solution: It’s the software but it’s also the service layer around it. And the service layer isn’t just us; it’s our partners.

“We’re here to ensure that they are assisting our customers on that journey from traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, to successful online retailers.”

Businesses all over Australia are getting online to broaden their reach. 

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