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Adam Turner
Technology Journalist

Adam Turner is a Sydney Morning Herald senior technology columnist who has been writing about the challenges facing Australian business for more than a decade

Adam Turner
Technology Journalist

Adam Turner is a Sydney Morning Herald senior technology columnist who has been writing about the challenges facing Australian business for more than a decade

With the right tools you can expand your bricks and mortar store with an online superstore.

The way we shop is changing. We research products, read customer reviews and compare prices before we even consider making a purchase. And we do all of this online.

Without an online presence, retailers risk losing business and alienating customers who prefer to shop online. But creating an online store doesn’t need to be complicated. There are low-cost and simple solutions on the market than can help your brand make the transition into an eCommerce store. 

The Neto E-commerce Suite - Shopping Cart Software

Top of the shops

Neto is a hosted eCommerce platform that makes selling online easy. It integrates all aspects of your business including branding, web design, marketing, order management, shipping and accounting into one simple solution.

Starting with the front-end design, Neto comes with a suite of professional themes to help your store stand out, as well as in-house designers to build custom design if you want extra edge (for an extra cost). Importantly, Neto designs are all adaptable to different compatible devices, meaning your site is on the way to being future-proofed for any of your customers and their compatible devices. 

More sales, less errors

A successful online store needs an accurate inventory and real-time shipping quotes and Neto helps you take care of this. It integrates with leading shipping carriers, prints labels with barcodes and runs performance reports – all to help online businesses thrive.

It’s no secret the more channels you can sell through, the more successful your product and brand has the potential to be. That’s why Neto lets you sell through eBay, Facebook, mobile apps and your own websites.

Expand your business, stay in touch with your audience and help your brand succeed with Neto. 

Tips for going online

  1. Make it convenient: People shop online because it is easy, so get where they’re visiting your business online to make it easy
  2. Keep it up to date: Having stock updated regularly lets your customers know there’s demand for your product. Leaving the site to wilt will tell another story
  3. Keep up your customer service: Treat your online how you would your real store, be helpful with enquiries, be friendly and make it approachable
Businesses all over Australia are getting online to broaden their reach. 

Sign up today for our three part series on building, launching and growing your online store. 

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