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Amazon rival Booktopia claims Telstra NSW Business of the Year Award

Smarter Writer
Smarter Team

The Smarter Team is made up of business and technology journalists who write to offer insights to small and medium businesses about technology, business know-how and emerging trends.

Smarter Writer
Smarter Team

The Smarter Team is made up of business and technology journalists who write to offer insights to small and medium businesses about technology, business know-how and emerging trends.

  • Seven times a Telstra Business Awards finalist Booktopia is driven by the desire to do what’s best for its customers.    
  • Delivering an instore experience online through live-chat is a key to Booktopia’s success.    
  • With more than four million customers, Booktopia has delivered orders to every postcode in Australia.    

Seven-time Telstra Business Awards finalist, Booktopia has been named the 2018 Telstra NSW Business of the Year. The online bookstore has built a customer-base of 4 million, distributing books to every postcode in Australia.

Taking on the might of global e-retailer, Amazon, the Sydney-based business is continuing to build a strong customer-base in Australia, becoming a market leader in product fulfilment and bolstering its out-bound distribution capacity from 7000 to 30,000 items a day. 

Seven times a finalist, Booktopia has taken the top prize in the 2018 Telstra NSW Business Awards. Online bookstore, Booktopia, captures the 2018 Telstra NSW Business of the Year Award.

Booktopia co-founder and chief executive, Tony Nash, aims to deliver an in-store experience online by live streaming and recording book signings, while a live chat service gives customers the chance to interact with the business directly.
“It’s an absolute honour to win this award,” Tony said. 

“The driving question we’ve asked ourselves every day for 14 years is, ‘What is best for our customers?’ And when you answer that question you ultimately add value and carve out your place in the world.

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“Over four million Australians have bought from Booktopia including parents, kids, grandparents, schools, universities, collages, libraries, government departments and companies from every postcode in the land.”
While the business aims to meet – if not exceed – the expectations of its more than four million customers, Tony is just as determined to ensure that Booktopia provides its employees with a positive workplace. 

The company is constantly looking for ways to improve its warehouse to improve packaging and re-arranging processes to ensure workers are comfortable and able to work efficiently.

“It genuinely looked like people enjoy working in the warehouse, and the executive team had a lead with safety and comfort of their people first,” the judges said.

“The CEO and deputy COO/CTO walk the warehouse on a daily basis. Through this they observe little things and question why people do things the way they do them. They then work behind the scenes to make it easier.”


Booktopia is also committed to improving literacy levels among Indigenous Australians, donating more than $500,000 worth of books to the Cathy Freeman Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting education programs for indigenous children.  The business also took home the 2018 Telstra New South Wales Medium and Making Waves Award.  Celebrating its 26th year, the Telstra Business Awards showcase the achievements and entrepreneurial spirit of Australia’s best small and medium businesses. Other winners at the 2018 Telstra New South Wales Business Awards include:

  • Manly Spirits Co, a boutique craft distillery producing gins vodkas and whisky, was named the 2018 Telstra New South Wales Emerging and Energised Award winner.
  • Flora & Fauna, a sustainability-focused e-retailer with a vision to drive change so that all businesses are ethical, cruelty free and conscious of their impact on the planet, won the 2018 Telstra New South Wales Small and Succeeding Award.
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