6 Simple Strategies For Happy Workers

Tiffany Loh
Smarter Writer

Tiffany Loh is the Smarter Business™ & News and Digital Editor, with varied writing experience always looking for a unique story

Tiffany Loh
Smarter Writer

Tiffany Loh is the Smarter Business™ & News and Digital Editor, with varied writing experience always looking for a unique story

A successful business is made of happy workers. Check out these 6 simple strategies for keeping your workers engaged and happy.

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Employees Need to Be Flexible

Small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) need to be resourceful and smart in the way they work. They are constantly looking for more efficient and effective ways to operate in order to remain competitive.

Job descriptions tend to be broad in SMEs with employers and employees usually responsible for a wide variety of roles and tasks. Employees need to be flexible and adapt to what’s required because in small businesses they can often be asked to perform tasks outside their comfort zone. Being aware of this situation should help minimise potential stress through communication and consultation − finding ways that everyone can work together.

Keep Employees Motivated

If employees feel valued and part of the business, they will invest more of themselves and be more motivated. Ensuring employees are given sufficient responsibility will also help keep them interested and striving to improve. Employees who have more control over their position and daily tasks will experience more job satisfaction. Having aspects of their work life that employees can control will help individuals cope better with stress.

Create a Sense of Teamwork

In small businesses, it is particularly important to practice consultation and cooperation in the workplace. Employees need to feel their opinions and views are valued and that everyone is doing their fair share. This will encourage cooperation and engagement of employees. Perceived inequality in workload can create stress. Managers need to strive to create a sense of ‘we are in this together’ in order to succeed.

Make Employees Feel Valued

It is important to make employees feel valued and appreciated in small businesses, particularly as they are often taking on extra responsibility and working long hours. Recognise their efforts and contribution to tasks. Employees that feel appreciated are happier and more fulfilled in their jobs and less likely to feel stressed.

Resolve Conflict 

Conflict is a source of great stress in the workplace and is even more noticeable in small organisations with tension often felt beyond those directly involved. It is therefore vital to resolve any conflict quickly before it affects workplace morale. Conflict resolution and negotiation skills are important for any manager.

Introduce Social Interactions

Socialising together can help build morale and trust among colleagues. They can feel more connected to each other and therefore to the business. Having a support system and good relationships in the workplace can help employees manage stressful situations that may arise.

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