Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones is a writer interested in lifestyle and business trends

Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones is a writer interested in lifestyle and business trends

Being “out of the office” is a reality for most businesses, and more-so business owners. But while working from the road might seem like a necessary evil, it doesn’t have to be unproductive.

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Make The Most Of The Scenery

Before you get into the technology, realise the opportunity you have before you. While travel entails lots of movement from transit lounge to another, cities and towns you go to can provide new insights and new answers to old problems. For Smarter contributor and entrepreneur Lisa Messenger, afternoon strolls and out of office excursions paves the way for inspiration and creativity. So while you’re strolling around a new city, take a moment to smell the roses.

Blue Tick = Green Light

If you’re swapping your desk view of skyscrapers for acacias and acres of bush, having a mobile phone that is Blue Tick certified indicates the handset has been tested and proven to work better in rural areas. Given distance is of primary concern in rural areas, such mobiles are recommended if you wish to maximise your coverage experience – perfect if you’re visiting suppliers in regional or rural areas. 

Battery Matters

Ensuring your laptop has a long battery life and is fully charged whenever possible will allow you to work seamlessly and uninterrupted during long flights and caffeine fuelled sessions in local cafes.

The increasing range of tablets available mean travelling with both laptop and a tablet doesn’t have to cost the world and allows you to switch from one to the other should one run out of battery, maximising your productivity. 

Go Wireless

There aren’t many public places or modes of transport where Wi-Fi isn’t readily available – from local cafes to shared office spaces – offering free or cheap ways of getting connected without eating into your phone’s data allowance.

And your local phone box could also be a saviour in times of need. Active in community areas, social precincts, shopping strips, business centres and transport hubs, Telstra has taken Wi-Fi to the streets with plans to offer all Australians access to two million Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation in the coming years.

In the rare case of a Wi-Fi free zone, a simple, effective and low cost solution is to invest in your own personal hotspot. With a variety of mobile broadband plans available to suit your business needs (e.g. single or multiple device connections, speed and data usage), there is no reason not to get connected “out of office”. 

Find The Cloud

If you never know where you’ll be from one week to the next, being able to store, back up, access and share your files in the cloud can make a huge difference to your business. Telstra’s Cloud services for small businesses can provide pay-as-you-use access to software, state of the art security and collaboration options to maintain effective communication with clients and colleagues while on the road.  

Need to get productive on the go?

Telstra offer a variety of Cloud, tablet and Wi-Fi solutions.

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