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Betsan Jones
Technology Journalist

Betsan Jones is a freelance lifestyle and tech journalist with experience across a number of international publications

Betsan Jones
Technology Journalist

Betsan Jones is a freelance lifestyle and tech journalist with experience across a number of international publications

Taking the first steps into the world of eCommerce can sometimes seem like a daunting process. For a couple of businesses that attended the Neto eCommerce bootcamp last year, that process has been made a whole lot easier.

The digital revolution has undeniably changed the way we shop. The introduction of eCommerce (or put simply, the act of selling online) has meant that a person can buy your product without even setting foot into a physical store.

But for many, taking the first steps to selling online can seem like a major undertaking. How do you build a site? Who will deliver your packages and how will you process your payments? How will your product catalogue work?

There are several factors to consider, and sourcing the different solutions can often be a pernickety process. That’s where eCommerce solutions and shopping cart software, Neto, comes in.  

Focused on making eCommerce accessible, Neto looks to provide a low cost, top-to-bottom solution for businesses looking to get into eCommerce. The software lets customers develop and maintain an online store with integrated accounting platforms, payment gateways and shipping carriers.

This integrated approach is what appeals to small business owner Francesca Webster. Owner of beauty salon franchise Brazilian Beauty, Francesca is set to launch sister skincare company the Australian Skin Institute on Neto’s selling platform.

“When I found out that it had integration with partners such as Xero, Zapier and Unleashed, that’s when I thought, ‘Wow, this could be a really affordable, easy solution for our business’,” she says.

Pulling together all aspects of selling online, Neto offers a simple solution. But what exactly are the stages involved in the set up process?

A woman sitting in a red chair working on a laptop by a window

Choosing your design

It’s vital for your website to function properly – but in this highly visually-orientated day and age the way it looks is just as important. Come across a clunky website, and you’re more likely to click off rather than click through to make a purchase.

Helen Reynolds, co-owner of fabric bag company Greenleaf Bag, recently launched the company’s eCommerce store using a Neto pre-designed design template.

“Designing, I don’t find easy,” says Helen. “But the Neto frameworks are all done for you, and if you do want small design changes to their templates they’re happy to do it.”

Neto’s responsive design approach means that any template chosen has the ability to automatically adapt to desktop, mobile and tablet screens. Neto also allows more extensive customisation (by an in-house designer or a designer of your choice).

“I think they’ve got great templates, great clean lines” says Francesca.

“I can’t see why anything couldn’t be integrated – and you could always put a custom front end on it if you don’t like any of those templates.” 

Filling the space

With experience of using several different kinds of Content Management Systems to populate a site with information, Francesca explains that her experience of the Neto system is a positive one.

“It’s very, very easy to use,” she says.

“And is just easy to get up and running quickly. If I was to sit down now with a web developer and say, ‘This is what I want, and this is the kind of functionality I want’, we’d probably spend the next three to six months tweaking and playing around getting everything right.”

Pulling together the pieces

Integration is key to the way Neto operates – and what differentiates it to past approaches.

“I mentioned Unleashed and Xero earlier,” says Francesca, “But the fact that we can integrate our freight company in there as well – it really provides us with that whole system, seamlessly and very quickly.”

Training is key to making the most of the integrations and Neto’s extensive partnership network. Neto’s documentation website contains over 750 support articles and training guides, and over 50 how-to training videos. Each Neto licence also includes a free 30-minute personal training session for up to 20 colleagues.

“I was familiar with other similar products to Neto on the market,” says Francesca, “But I like Neto because it’s an Australian-based company – the support is based here and the configuration is set up for Australia as well.”

And the final verdict on the set up process?

“I think that Neto will be able to grow with the brand, the functionality and the integration is all there,” says Francesca.

“It’s all really simple and straightforward, and that is what I like about it – it’s not complicated”

Helen agrees.

“If you need a shopping cart on a website,” she says, “Neto is a no brainer. And it’s totally scalable. It’s capable of more than even most people will use, and they’ve got a really brilliant help desk so you’re never alone.”

Getting started with Neto:

  1. Neto integrates with a large number of existing management and coordination softwares
  2. Neto has pre-designed page templates and structures to help get your store up and running
  3. There are over 750 support articles and guides, and over 50 how-to training videos
  4. Each Neto license includes a 30-minute personal training session for up to 20 staff

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