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Sherbet Birdie's top social media tips

Tiffany Loh
Smarter Writer

Tiffany Loh is the Smarter Business™ & News and Digital Editor, with varied writing experience always looking for a unique story

Tiffany Loh
Smarter Writer

Tiffany Loh is the Smarter Business™ & News and Digital Editor, with varied writing experience always looking for a unique story

Tiffany Loh explores how glamour portrait company Sherbet Birdie gets the best out of social media.

Sherbet Birdie’s glamour portraits have a vintage flair, but Sasha Dobies uses 21st-century channels to bring in customers. Dobies launched her pin-up photography business in 2007, and knew that as a niche business she needed to establish a strong online presence

Fortunately, photos are hugely shareable on social media. Friends in awe of Dobie’s photo-art would share the pics, and other friends seeing the shots would want their own portraits done. 

It took four years for Sherbet Birdie’s Facebook page to reach its first 2000 ‘likes’, but it’s now at more than 7800 and growing. Dobies says Facebook referrals sit alongside Google searches as the main driver of bookings.

Sasha Dobies from Sherbet Birdie on a blue chair with flowers in the background

Socially active 

She uses several social media channels to promote her business, including Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, but mostly focuses on Facebook and Instagram, because her posts are mainly visual and pics are easier to upload.

“As a photography business, I only have something to say when I can post a visual. Facebook and Instagram are great as it only takes five seconds to think of something to say and then share it,” she explains.

Since relocating from Brisbane to Sydney more than two years ago, Dobies has made social media even more of a marketing priority, and she uses it to show what Sherbet Birdie stands for. 

“My message is: ‘I create beauty.’ The photography is secondary to me. What I love to do is make people feel good about themselves. With every post, that message runs through my head.”

 What I love to do is make people feel good about themselves. With every post, that message runs through my head.
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Posting the right amount

Everything Dobies posts is authentic to the brand, but she’s careful not to overdo it. “I don’t want to post more than four uploads a day on Facebook. I’d rather skip two days of social networking if I don’t have anything to say than run the risk of diluting that message and losing ‘likes’,” she explains.

Dobies also uses Facebook and Instagram to provide customer service – replying to comments and queries. This interaction helps her find out what her clients want. 

“The number of ‘likes’ on different costuming and photography styles helps me decide what I think the market wants more of. Feedback on Facebook and Instagram can help me decide what my next themed shoot will be.”

While Instagram generates the most ‘likes’ (images get about 130 ‘likes’ on average), it’s Facebook that drives the most new business through clients sharing their portraits with their own network of friends. 

Pin-ups on Pintrest 

Dobies has also started using Pinterest as a way to give clients a taste of what the finished portraits will look like.

“The only time I ever struggle with bookings is with the themed photo shoots. Because I don’t have time to do a test shoot I can’t sell the visual straight away, [so] people can’t decide if it’s going to be right for them.” 

To promote a ‘Snuggle a baby animal’ themed shoot, Dobies made a Pinterest board showing her inspiration for the shoot. “I have pin-up pictures with cute poses, a colour wash for the final images and examples of what I imagine the wardrobe and hairstyles would look like. That helps clients get a visual of the set-up and final photos.” 

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