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When it comes to protecting your business, it’s imperative your business continuity has all bases covered – and a Telstra cloud solution can help. Without the right strategy, your business is constantly at risk. In fact, the average cost to each Australian business experiencing data loss in the last 12 months is over $1.4 million* – just imagine where that money could’ve been invested.

Our four-part series will help your business thrive. Each edition covers a different topic, from debunking cloud myths to implementing business continuity strategies. To get your business started, when you sign up to the series you’ll receive our free Backup and Disaster Recovery whitepaper.


  • Learn fact from fiction so you can use cloud effectively

  • Discover which cloud model is right for your business

  • The five Ws of data back-up:when, who, what, where and why

  • How to test your business continuity strategy

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*research conducted on behalf of Telstra by Ovum
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