Stuart Ridley

Business and Technology Journalist

Stuart Ridley is the Smarter Business™ Print Editor and has covered trends in small business, tech and marketing for two decades

Articles by Stuart

Sky-high business tracking

Michela Ledwidge and Stuart Ridley meet an Internet of Things startup that wants to make it easier and more affordable for businesses to monitor their assets in thousands of locations.

Eat, sleep, work, love: How couples can stay in business – and love – together

It’s easy to always be connected to your business if you have the right technology, but what about family? Stuart Ridley caught up with two businesses run by couples that are lasting the test of time (and technology)...

Uprise in stress busting at work

Stuart Ridley discusses the pressures on modern workers with psychologist and entrepreneur Dr Jay Spence, who invented new workplace counselling tools delivered via mobile technology in Telstra’s muru-D incubator.

Into the Abyss

Michela Ledwidge and Stuart Ridley take a deep dive with Nasir Ahsan and Masood Naqshbandi of Abyss Solutions into the world of underwater autonomous drones revolutionising mapping, safety and marine real estate.

Cloud busting: Business continuity myths debunked

We’ve all lost data. And it hurts. Even worse is having to explain the loss to the other people affected– your team, your business partners and your customers.

NBN future: How will your industry change in 10 years?

The big principle of the nbn™ is to give everyone in our nation fast, reliable internet access. It’s a simple idea with a lot of future-proofing potential for your business and your home. Stuart Ridley and Michela Le...

Cuberider sends the classroom into orbit

Stuart Ridley heads into space with Seb Chaoui, a recent graduate from Telstra’s muru-D incubator, whose Cuberider venture is helping schoolkids develop experiments for the International Space Station.

Wheels of fortune

Bicycles Online started life in a backstreet garage and, on the strength of its great customer service and streamlined e-commerce processes, now turns over $5 million annually.

The Amazon factor

Digital futurist Jeffrey Cole shares insights from his research into e-commerce with Smarter editor Stuart Ridley.

Eleni's winning drive

The winner of Smarter's Toyota competition loves empowering aussie women with lessons in car care and safer motoring.

Matt Rose

Matt Rose is a creative technologist and Co-Founder of Sipple, the app that lets you savour every drop of wine.

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Business and Technology Journalist

Jenna Hanson covers business news and technology for Smarter Business™

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Telstra Marketing Co-Ordinator & Writer

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