Sara Howard

Smarter Writer

As a business owner and writer, Sara Howard has first-hand experience in marketing, cash flow management and technology

Articles by Sara

Hard Yakka: Choosing a mobile device tough enough for the job

Today’s tradies need to dedicate a slot in their tool belts for what is becoming their most important tool – their mobile or tablet.

Help protect your domain: Avoid these common mistakes

A domain name is a major business asset, not one that you can simply set and forget.

Low cost, big return: Make your marketing work for you

For many businesses, the last quarter of the financial year is make-or-break time. If your revenue projections peak towards the busy Christmas or summer season, now's the time to start planning your marketing tactics...

Must Have Tech For Business Travellers

Before you pack your bags for your next business trip, make sure you’re prepped with the right tech to help you work effectively.

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