Lachlan Colquhoun

Technology Journalist

Lachlan Colquhoun has had a 30 year career in the media, working for some of the world's best known mastheads both in Australia and overseas

Articles by Lachlan

Welcome to the remote-controlled restaurant

Smartphone technology means a Sydney harbourside eatery can be successfully managed from a beach in Broome. Now that’s bi-coastal!

How technology is enabling the artisan

Artisans the world over have discovered e-commerce, overcoming the disadvantage of small scale and remoteness from the market to help take their products to the world.

Small companies are bigger with video

Today, virtually anyone can shoot a decent video on a smartphone and upload it to social media, the company website, YouTube and any number of proprietary platforms.

How hegs pegs went global with LinkedIn and Skype

Digital communications helped Scott Boocock take his revolutionary Hegs clothes pegs from a bright idea to seven export markets in just four years.

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