Krishan Sharma

Technology Journalist

Krishan Sharma is a freelance journalist who writes for various consumer tech and business IT publications

Articles by Krishan

Tech evolution making upgrades more accessible

Time and money constraints can cause some business owners to sideline technology updates or resist the pull of new devices and trends. Yet the pace of tech developments has made staying up-to-date cheaper and easier ...

Setting up shop: Technology tools to run your new business

Simplify the set-up process of your new business or office with these helpful tips.

What is a VPN and do I need one?

If the high-profile cyber-attacks on the likes of Target and Sony teach us anything, it’s that every business, regardless of size, needs to take its security more seriously.

Tech review: Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Two-in-ones are increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. Carrying a single device that can function as both a tablet and laptop offers much convenience, as devices like Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 have proven.

Why you should design for failure in the cloud

We all know that the cloud allows organisations to focus on the core business without worrying about managing IT infrastructure. But with all of the promise of elasticity, scalability and endless success stories pedd...

Tech has your back this Christmas

Automating as many processes as you can will make your business more productive – and also give you the freedom to pull away and take a much-needed break over the holidays.

Building your cloud continuity case

Did you know… one in three Australian organisations has experienced a major disruption?

Eight great productivity apps for your small business

From e-commerce to accounting, here are eight great productivity apps to get more done on the go.

How to Automate Your Home Office

These four devices could sweep your home office toward the long-promised automation revolution.

The best accessories for your iPad

Bought a new iPad over the holidays and wondering how you can turn it into a productivity workhorse? Read on to find out.

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