Jonathan Crossfield

Business and Technology Journalist

Jonathan is an award-winning journalist, blogger, writer and editor, locked in a daily fight for the keyboard with two very impatient cats.

Articles by Jonathan

What business are you really in?

Define what you do by the product you sell or the technology that supports your business model and you may miss the genuine opportunities to become a successful, even award-winning, business.

In defence of the spreadsheet: Tricks and hacks to help you Excel…

With a few tips, tricks and hacks the humble spreadsheet can save you time, energy and even money by managing your business data better.

Why your business needs an IT service delivery model

Each month, Cross Words invites a business brain or digital doyen to step onto the Smarter Business Ideas soapbox and share the big hot button topic or issue that has them all fired up.

Why play is the secret to keeping up with business tech

“Since the ancient Greeks, every generation has said that the pace of change has never been so fast. They’ve always been right but I think this time it is especially true.” Technology futurist Dr Jeffrey Cole talks t...

Choosing the right nbn™ plan

Talk through how the nbn can impact productivity, the ability to help reach more customers, and the ability to help increase revenue or drive efficiency. The customers who have those conversations are the ones who wi...

Beyond 2020: How technology is defining your business' future

Welcome to the world beyond 2020: Where smart houses know exactly what temperature will keep us comfortable and the fridge can automatically remind you or your retailer to replenish the milk; where smart farms use se...

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