Effie Zahos

Smarter Writer

Effie Zahos is editor of <i>Money </i>magazine and has over 22 years' experience in the finance industry.

Articles by Effie

Positive cash flow

New gear is expensive, but with a little planning you could meet the cost of your own innovations.

Staying on top of superannuation

There are good reasons to stay on top of your Superannuation Guarantee obligations, explains Effie Zahos.

Protect yourself!

If you are self-employed and unsure about income protection insurance, read on. Effie Zahos reveals some of the options.

10 funding options for small businesses

If your business needs an injection of funds to forge ahead, there are funding options to help your enterprise on its way.

Make Your Superannuation Super Fit

Superannuation contributions are often overlooked by Australia’s small business owners.

5 ways small businesses can save on tax

Effie Zahos says with June 30 just around the corner, now’s the time to look at the best ways businesses and individuals can save on tax.

5 nifty ways to manage your personal debt while building your business

A lot of business owners don't have the luxury of a regular payday. Here are nifty moves to manage your personal debt while you build your business.

Need A Boost? 5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Cash Flow

You could get money flowing into your account faster with these tips from Effie Zahos.

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