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Drew Turney writes about technology, science, film, books, pop culture and the crossroads between any or all of them

Articles by Drew

Agassi on business: Sharing the journey with your customers

Provide a product or customer experience people love and they can become an effective marketing asset – talking about your brand and referring you to their friends and followers, both online and off.

Scale your business without the growing pains

Growing from small to medium in business can be more complex, difficult and confusing than when you first established it. So where do you devote your energy?

Hot-desking: How successful businesses make it about people not desk space

Hot-desking is still a thing, but the secret to making it work is to look beyond mere desks and realise it's not about moving, swapping or removing furniture, it's about working with staff to enact deep cultural chan...

Omnichannel: The art and science of a cross-platform customer

With businesses operating in so many different channels—both on and offline—the challenge is how to give your customers the consistent and unified experience they expect.

Beyond cards and cash: The new world of customer payments

New embeddable technologies and connectivity has enabled everything from contactless payments to using PayPal to buy a T-shirt or coffee. But without buying and deploying a new system for each one, how do you stay on...

Not just entertainment: How virtual reality can work for your business

Thanks to VR, visitors can spend minutes rather than seconds on sites, and the more time they spend, the longer you have to convert interest to a sale.

Beyond the 'like': Extracting value from social media data

Even smaller operations can mine social media data and use those insights to build a better business.

What are computers doing to our brains?

As we offload more of the storage of information to technology, might we humans be losing the art of remembering? Find out about the repercussions of ‘outsourced memory’ and learn what you can do to keep your brain a...

How to halt company hacking

Software tools and techniques are all well and good, but educating yourself about risks and how to handle threats is what will really save you from cybercrime.

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