Alexandra Cain

Business Journalist

Alexandra Cain writes regularly for the small business sections of The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Australian Financial Review

Articles by Alexandra

Andre Agassi on business: Resilience for the long game

When the federal government gave accredited education providers just three months to comply with new regulations governing the sector Jack Delosa, founder of specialist education institution for entrepreneurs, The En...

Time is money: Productivity hacks for everyone

Time is money, and here are some great ways to squeeze more value from the working day.

Omnichannel vs multichannel: Providing a seamless experience

Customers increasingly expect an omnichannel experience. But what does that actually mean and how might it differ from a multichannel retail strategy?

Tech resolutions that will stick for 2017

Make this year the one where you don’t just intend to use all those great apps, software and technology to streamline your small business’s operation, you actually do it!

How to foster a culture of innovation

The best innovations often come from frontline staff, who deal with day-to-day operations and have great ideas about how incremental improvements can transform the business.

Going solo: the need to know for starting your small business

It’s never been easier to start your own business and if you have your heart set on going it alone in 2016, there are plenty of tech, tools and resources available to streamline your new enterprise.

Shiny and bright: Interns invigorate business

Many businesses are discovering the value of employing interns and apprentices as a source of fresh and inexpensive young talent. So build a relationship with a local university and college that offers courses in you...

Navigating business insurance

The right insurance is essential for every small business, but understanding what you need can be difficult. Alexandra Cain speaks to Advisor Director at Weath Planning Partners, Amanda Carrar and Principal at LegalV...

Put It On Plastic: Choose The Right Card

It could be argued that a credit card is one of the absolute-must have tools of trade for small businesses. But every card has different options and benefits and it’s important to understand what these are before dec...

The depreciation budget

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey surprised business owners with some advantageous tax breaks in the May budget. But it’s important to understand how they work to get the full benefit from them.

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